Transition Planning

Term 3 and 4 Program

Grade 10 students undertake work studies courses and use My Education online to plan their transition to careers.

Grade 10 Transition Plans

It is a legal requirement of the Department of Education that all grade 10 students complete a transition plan. Below are the tasks students at Huonville High need to undertake to complete the plan.

1. Transition Plan Draft Task

Using the information you now have, you need to start writing a transition plan. This includes:
  * a vision statement (150 words on what you want to do in college, in the future, what you will study, etc)
  * 2 career ideas
  * subject choices for year 11 and 12
  * intended destination for year 11
  * work placements, career programs and part-time employment you have been involved in.
Access the draft transition plan. (This must be completed by TBA)

2. Transition Plan Online Task

You will be given a specific time by your teacher that you need to put your draft transition plan into an online system. It is really important that you have your draft transition plan with you and that you have had it checked by your teacher. A link will be put here closer to the day you need to upload it. It is a legal requirement that all grade 10 students complete a transition plan.

3. Review of Transition Plan Task

In October and November, students will be asked to review their transition plan to ensure it accurately reflects their intended destination for 2016 as well as career ideas and college subjects. Home group teachers will guide students through this process.

Career Taster Days

From time to time, we get contacted about career taster days.
These are your own responsibility to apply for and attend, if successful.